I am intrigued by the similarities between the Republican presidential debates and the sport of rodeo bull riding. Each event has a line-up of contestants who are totally committed to eventually win the Grand Prize.
Bull riders compete in the arena. After being thrown from the bull, a rodeo clown tries to distract the bull’s attention to protect the rider. He also does comedy routines to entertain the audience.
Republicans also have a clown. He protects the T.V. network’s ratings by entertaining the audience and enticing them not to switch channels on their TV’s. This seems to be effective; judging by the polls that show this clown has drawn a large percentage of viewers to stay with him.
Another similarity I have noticed is that after both events, rodeo bull riding and the Republican debates, the arena floor has become a quagmire of equal parts, dirt and freshly expelled “B. S.”.

Homer Rankin