Taylor Krenger
Guest Columnist
The protest in Edgerton held at the Edgerton United Methodist Church was an overall short and quiet protest.
It was super cold outside during the protest; so the protest did not last as long as usual.
I did not like the fact that they came into my town and hated on our opinions.
They were there to hate against our pastor for being gay.
I feel like we should all be entitled to our own opinion.
God loves every single one of us equally.
It was pretty silent until the end when the Topeka church started to walk away, and they said, “We thank you all for coming out and reading our signs.”
Also right before they left, they yelled out “Your pastor is a whore.” I believe that was totally uncalled for, and I just feel like the whole thing (protest) was wrong.
I do not agree with anything that the church from Topeka said.
Taylor Krenger is a student at Gardner Edgerton High School and an Edgerton resident.