Edgerton one.
Topeka anti-gay church protesters zero.
At least that’s the way it seemed to play out when members of a Topeka church notorious for anti-gay protests arrived in town Jan. 17. They were apparently responding to an article in The Kansas City Star regarding a local pastor who came out as gay.
The odds seemed fairly even. Maybe 10 or 15 out of town people and the same number of visitors protesting.
Signs were brandished saying God hates fags. Residents responded with signs that Edgerton loves all and doesn’t hate.
A few residents carried signs or wore t-shirts indicating what the Topeka church members should do and providing suggestions on how to do it, but the overall theme of the protest was love and personal liberty.
One Edgerton resident carried the American flag.
Towards the end, Topeka protesters began shouting their message of God hates fags and personal messages regarding the pastor; but their taunts were countered, and they soon left.
Because this Topeka church is “famous” for protesting, even at funerals, we won’t mention the name. Publicity is what they want.
The protesters found out what we locals have always known; don’t mess with Edgerton.
We’re proud of residents who braved the frigid weather and stood up to the bullies.
The bullies went home to regroup and target their next victim.
Edgerton won.
That’s a victory for all.