Elected officials have returned to Topeka for the legislative session.
After last year’s record-long 114 days, we don’t know what to expect, but we hope it isn’t more dysfunction.
Ideals are wonderful things, but sometimes a good dose of reality is in order.
The reality is – Kansas needs to get its financial house together.
Now is not the time to play the blame game, or to grandstand on lofty principles.
Quit passing unrealistic legislation that costs a fortune to litigate.
We don’t have the money for lawsuits.
Support the constitution you were elected to uphold.
And that includes funding the judicial branch. Democratic checks and balances work because our country – our state – was founded with three branches: executive; legislative and judicial. They aren’t supposed to rubber stamp each other.
Democracy isn’t always pretty; there’s a lot of preening, chest thumping and 30 second sound bytes, but it works.
It’s hard to take a legislature that wants to defund the courts seriously.
More than that – it’s tyranny.
Elections are not far away; campaigning has already begun. Maybe the fear of the reality of the ballot box will do what no amount of reason could do last session – force the legislature to stay on point.
Focus on the budget.
Focus on education.
Focus on highways.