Improvements at the two Gardner exits are needed, according to Gardner’s 2016 legislative agenda, as proposed on the council’s published Jan. 19 agenda. A legislative agenda is adopted annually and is used to promote the interests of taxing entities and the areas they represent. County and city officials met in November to discuss a joint city/county platform.
Street improvements at I-35 and 175th (Exit 210) are needed to handle increased traffic flow due to expanding business at New Century Air Center and the Midwest Commerce Center located just west of the interchange.
According to the council’s proposed agenda, the Coleman Building may expand from 1.1 million to 2 million square foot of warehousing as originally approved for that site. Coleman opened in 2009. Also there will be additional industrial, retail and residential development occurring along the 175th St. corridor between the interchange and US 169. Capacity improvement is needed as development continues at New Century Air Center, Midwest Commerce Center and posts to the east.
The proposed agenda also calls for capacity improvements at Exit 207, I -35 and Gardner Road. The overpass is described as a functionally obsolete two lane overpass that prohibits pedestrian foot traffic to Nike Elementary School, as well as causing significant delays at ramps during peak periods.
The complete Legislative platform is available on the city’s website at LINK.