Joan Dorsey
Guest columnist
Why is it human nature to give? I suppose the feeling we get which is sort of a mix of happiness and the excitement is a kind of high.
Basically this is that giving time of year. Starts at Thanksgiving and goes to Christmas.
My parents back in the late 60’s and 70’s gave to a televangelist. They gave often. This is during the time they were also giving to their church. When I asked them why I was told it was because out in the world there were people in need. My folks had seen two world wars, been involved in one of them at Pearl Harbor, lived through a depression, and were not well off. But they felt the need to try and help. Sadly the folks on that TV show were not honest people.
For as far back as I can remember a gentleman named Daniel Jacobs has been helping people at Christmas. He found people with a genuine need through his job and his neighbors and family took on the business of making sure there was a Christmas for those folks. Daniel is a really good man. The Christmas Families, Inc. group is a good charity to support and give too. They are located in Overland Park, Kan., but have helped a lot of families in Edgerton and still do.
Mike Gardner and Johnnie Howe have for a number of years, held sporting shoots and given money to the Mayor’s Christmas Tree Fund in Gardner and the Mayor’s Christmas Tree Fund in Edgerton. Don’t like guns or shooting, that is ok I am sure these guys would gladly take a check or cash for you donation.
The local VFW sold poppies in front of WalMart this year and had their best year ever. There are groups in front of the store from time to time and they are not our local VFW or American Legion. Ask who they represent, ask who the money goes to. If they can’t answer your questions don’t give to them. Your local friends and neighbors need your help before someone who may or may not be an actual charity.
How do you know who is real and who isn’t? When you pick up that child’s name to buy gifts for, are they also getting help from numerous other organizations? Yes there are people who are using the system. There always will be. These people probably have their hand out to so many places they won’t ever have an actual need.
Your money is hard earned and you want and need it to do all that it can. Be careful in choosing your charities. If you are approached in a store parking lot call the local police. Let them handle it. The folks may be in need , but maybe they are out to just use you. All the solicitations you receive in your mail, give carefully. Once the money changes hands your name may be sold on a list to 50 other companies.
Finally have a wonderful Christmas. If you can’t give money, help a neighbor carry groceries. Shovel a walk way or drive for those who can’t. Giving has many faces and money is just one of them.