While visiting Groundhouse Coffee Saturday evening, I had the opportunity to meet some very impressive teens and a nice young lady.
As we were headed for the door and up the wheelchair ramp, a caster on my wheelchair broke free, which forced the wheelchair to lean forward and careen into a chair and a wall.
A group of teenagers, who were sitting around the big table in the back, immediately sprung into action to lend assistance. The young lady took my dog while the teens worked with an employee to get my wheelchair free, which had been wedged into the chair.
The teens worked diligently to figure out how to fix the caster and soon I was able to leave the store with a huge smile. Over the past two years I’ve encountered other issues with my wheelchair and I’ve found a lot of great people willing to help me get back on the road.
I’d like to give a big thank you to Grady, his brother and his friends, to Lisa and the employee at Groundhouse, for taking the time to take care of me and my trusty little steed Riley.
I have no doubt our future looks promising, especially when you consider what this group of kids did to help me out. The kindness and compassion I felt this evening was just another example of why I love Gardner.

May God bless you all.
Gary Carson,