Congratulations to the City of Gardner on their new logo, and a special thank you to those committee members who spent their time outlining, discussing and reviewing logo designs.
After 18 years, the city will begin “rebranding,” or updating their logo and tagline with a new website next year, and the promotional items, etc., will be updated over the next three years.
The city had budgeted about $20,000 for the redesign.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and logos are subjective, but we like what we see. The “Power G” in blue and gold, is visually appealing.
“Blazing New Trails” is forward thinking and progressive, and yet it keeps with the historical theme of Gardner, “Where the Trails Divide.”
It’s hoped the new “brand” will help demonstrate the changes made in Gardner from business practices to product delivery, according to the city’s press release. The change will also be reflected visually in the city’s new logo and tagline.
It’s time to move forward.