Mid America Nazarene University entered into a state-wide agreement last month with the Kansas State Department of Education approving the transfer of Teaching Pathway courses from any state-approved Teaching Pathway program. These high school courses will take the place of two courses required for degree completion in MNU’s education program
According to the Kansas State Department of Education Career and Technical Education, 68 Kansas school districts offer the Teaching and Training Pathway program which links students to K-12 educational settings and related training opportunities in traditional schools and the community. Career Cluster Pathways such as this are designed to provide students with learning that leads to college and career readiness.
High school students in Teaching Pathways study content including general theory and practice of learning and teaching as well as the planning of educational activities across multiple disciplines. These students will now have a head-start on earning credits in the teacher education program at MNU.
“Partnering with KSDE and school districts across the state to help build the future teacher workforce is exciting,” says Nancy Damron, PhD, dean of MNU’s School of Education. “This state-wide articulation agreement provides a seamless transition for Teaching Pathway students and ensures a jump-start on their degree completion at MNU.”
Damron says area school districts like to hire MNU education graduates. In fact, 100 percent of those employers recommend that their school continue to hire MNU alumni.
“Employers tell us our alumni are fully prepared to assume teacher responsibilities and have a positive effect on the learning of all students,” Damron adds.
More information on teacher education at MNU may be found at mnu.edu/education