Joan Dorsey
Guest columnist
Who doesn’t know what time of year this is? We have had Christmas thrust upon us since before Halloween. The stress level and annoyance can be overwhelming.
I am the youngest of four children. Our parents have passed many years ago. My children have grown and have lives of their own. Ok so what’s the point?
December can be a hard month. There are newly widowed people in my family. The grief in that house will be very hard. My two sisters are both widows and their children are all grown. Forget Christmas? Well no.
My sister and I were discussing getting out the tree and the baubles and the lights and all the decorations and such. Was it worth the time? Who would lift the boxes? Put it away after? My eldest sister wasn’t going to do Christmas. It made her sad and there wasn’t anyone to see her tree and “pretties”. I had bought a new tree and was all gung ho. My middle sister was on the fence about everything.
I thought and thought about all of this. I spoke to middle sister and told her to dig out that tree, and decorations and enjoy the twinkling lights . You don’t have to do it all, just have some pretty, different things to look at. So in turn she called out oldest sister and told her to have someone help her dig out her Christmas village and her decorations.
The six or seven boxes of Christmas items hold more memories that anything else in my home. The lights make the dreary December evening that start at about 4:45, much easier to face. They are pretty little distractions.
As for the items in those boxes, they start with a couple of small glass bells from a tree decorated in an apartment in Germany in 1974. Some hand blown glass pieces from Switzerland that can’t be displayed for fear of breaking. A little baby’s first Christmas from 1981 when my son arrived. A child’s hand print sprayed gold. Popsicle sticks with glitter. Years of carousel horses and nutcrackers. A small pink ornament from the year my daughter arrived. On and on it goes. Each item helping a memory resurface. Each item placed or put back for safe keeping. Sometimes the memory brings a tear , sometimes a laugh. But in the end I am so thankful I went through those boxes and had a moment with each and everything in them. Yes my kids are grown but inside those boxes, and for several weeks of the year, they are little again.
So if for nothing else, get out those Christmas decorations. Sit down with them like the old friends some of them are. Touch them, smell them. Remember when it was they came to your home. These memories will get you through the darkest of winter nights. If you know a family member or friend who has a hard time in December offer to help them get out a few things to look at and reminisce about. It just might bring everyone out of the gloom.