Area residents were appointed to the economic development and police advisory committees during the Nov. 23 Gardner City Council meeting.
Despite debate and discussion at previous meetings, committee appointments were unanimously approved from the consent agenda.
The following members to the Economic Development Advisory Committee were appointed with their terms expiring as indicated:
Steve McNeer and Randy Gregorcyk,  November 2018; Eric Hansen and Chris Kneedler, November 2017; and Shawn Carlisle and Sylvia Benavidez-Fernald, November 2016.
Council appointed the following members to the Citizens Police Advisory Committee with their terms expiring as indicated: Walter Hermreck and  Kacy Dale,  November 2018; Norm Schutte and Thomas Foxworthy,  Nov. 2017; Steve Quigg and Jennifer Schumaker, November 2016.
The council created five advisory committees – a streets, sidewalks and stormwater advisory committee, a citizens police advisory committee, an Americans with Disabilities Act advisory committee, a parks and recreation advisory committee and an economic development advisory committee in July.
Under the original resolution, council members were each tasked with recommending individuals for appointment to the committees. Mayor Chris Morrow would then formally recommend those appointments and then council would vote to approve the recommendations. Each council member would serve as a liaison to a committee.
Each council member also serves as an ex-officio member of the advisory committees. During the July 20 council meeting, Morrow appointed council member Lee Moore as to the streets, sidewalks and stormwater advisory committee; council member Rich Melton to the citizens police advisory committee, council member Steve Shute to the ADA advisory committee and council member Todd Winters to the parks and recreation advisory committee.
Members of the committees must be Gardner residents.