Money spent locally stays within the community, and there are many mom and pop stores in Gardner, Edgerton and Spring Hill that would benefit from local support this holiday season.
According to a 2008 Civic Economic Study, Grand Rapids, MI, more than two-thirds – $68 – of every $100 spent with locally owned businesses stays within the community, as compared to less than half – $43 – if the money is spent with a non-locally owned business.
These local establishments are our neighbors. We see the owners at the coffee shop, restaurant, gas station and grocery store.
Their children go to our schools.
And when we need a donation, they are the ones most often there with an open checkbook — donating proceeds from a sale or dinner/lunch special, allowing their premises to be used for a fundraiser, or providing in kind services and gift certificates.
These small businesses can’t buy in bulk, so they can slash prices, offer gimmick or gadgets and compete with national chains for Black Friday – or any – sale.
But they are here every day, open for business, supporting our communities.
They don’t get huge tax breaks to locate here, and it’s doubtful anyone helps them make improvements to their premises – they pay their way.
Now’s the time for us to support them.
Kudos to the local chambers for their part in highlighting Small Business Saturday, which was November 28. Although the cold, rainy weather may have lessened shopping traffic countywide, there is still plenty of time to visit a local establishment during this holiday season.
By shifting a small portion of your shopping budget to a locally owned business, you can have a large impact on the local economy.
Shop locally.