A large number of Gardner Edgerton high school and middle school band, choir and orchestra students were recently honored at several regional and state level competitions for their exceptional talent.
The following students received rank:
KCDA – Open to 5th-9th grade unchanged voices
Lindsay Cochran, PRMS 6th grade; Josie Coffelt, PRMS 6th grade; Reese Kehlm PRMS, 5th grade; Grace Rieder, WMS, 5th grade; Kennedy Scott, PRMSm 5th grade; Lily Yoss, TRMS, 7th grade
KMEA Middle Level Choir – Open to 7th – 9th grade changed voices
Riley Buck, 9th grade; Bayleigh Greer, 9th grade; Aubrey Hamilton, 9th grade; Aiden Lawrence, PRMS, 8th grade, Allie Mathos, 9th grade; Logan Peralez, 9th grade; Ashlea Reimer, PRMS, 7th grade; Braden Romo, PRMS, 8th grade; Nate Sawchak, 9th grade; Meghan Spann, PRMS, 8th grade; Serenity Stafos, 9th grade; Emmalee Hill, 9th grade (chosen as an alternate)
NEKMEA District Honor Choir – Open to 10th – 12th grade changed voices
Guy Cauthon, 12th grade; Abbie Lane, 12th grade; Jessi Oxley, 11th grade, Olivia Schultz, 10th grade; Matthew Swords, 10th grade; Trevor Thoelke, 12th grade
The following students submitted a recorded audition in October to the John Philip Sousa Honor Band competition. Students in grades 6 through 9 are eligible to submit recordings. More than 500 recordings are submitted each year. The young talented musicians performed in a concert at the Lied Center on the University of Kansas campus in January as members of the 2016 Kansas John Philip Sousa Honor Band.
John Philip Sousa Honor Band – Open to 6th – 9th grade Band Students
Vinjim Bontuyan, WMS, 7th grade; Hope Garrie, 9th grade; Logan Kleinsorge, WMS, 8th grade; Samantha Marcotte’ 9th grade; Brenton Wilden, PRMS, 7th grade
NEKMEA District Honor Band – Open to 10th – 12th grade Band Students
Joey Quigley – 12th grade
NEKEMA District Honor Orchestra – Open to 10th – 12th grade Orchestra Student
Alexa Wilden – 12th grade
The following students were selected through teacher nomination.
NEKMEA Middle Level Band – 7th and 8th grade students are eligible
Emily Gardiner, 8th grade, PRMS; Olivia Stanley, 8thh grade, PRMS
NEKMEA DaCapo Orchestra – 5th and 6th grade students are eligible
Jackson Farrell, 6th grade, PRMS; Hector Guevara, 6th grade, TRMS; Brady Hilton, 6th grade, TRMS; Brett Jackson, 6th grade, PRMS; Charlie Kuzma, 6th grade, WMS; Kiersten Markos, 6th grade, WMS; Lily McQueen, 6th grade, WMS; Emmanuel Nwofor, 6th grade, TRMS; Jamie Pemberton, 6th grade, TRMS; Carson Sander, 6th grade, PRMS; Emily Schutzel, 6th grade, PRMS; Torin Wilson, 6th grade, WMS
NEKMEA Middle Level Orchestra – 7th and 8th grade students are eligible
Jayden Clark, 8th grade, TRMS; Isaac Elkinton, 8th grade, PRMS; Andres Erives, 8th grade, PRMS; Tatumn Graham, 8th grade, WMS; David Grant, 8th grade, WMS; Kyla Johnson, 8th grade, WMS; Stevie Motley, 8th grade, WMS; Olivia Musao, 8th grade, PRMS; Nikki Nellor, 8th grade, TRMS; Emily Reddin, 8th grade, TRMS; Mason Scott, 8th grade, PRMS; Taya Semon, 8th grade, WMS, Anna Tropansky, 8th grade, TRMS
NEKMEA 9th Grade District Orchestra
Victoria Lashley; Christian Neff; Katelyn Prado; Jordan Proctor; Fiona Turner