Jason Camis
Chamber President
Guest Columnist
As I get older, I try to make my holidays just a little better than last year. When I was younger, in my 20s, I didn’t care much for the holidays. I had many reasons for this feeling, but I’m happy to say that I longer think like that.
Somewhere along the way I learned to make the most of the holiday season and that God gives us many reasons to be thankful and many more to celebrate. So now, instead of feeling down I try to focus my energy elsewhere – primarily celebrating with my two adorable girls and helping others when I can.
Helping others can mean a variety of things. From delivering meals to homebound residents on Christmas Day to adding a little extra to a server’s tip, nothing we do is too small of a gesture to make an impact on someone’s life. But there’s one thing that has grown in importance for me each year – supporting small businesses.
The impact you can have by buying from small businesses during the holiday season not only impacts the business, but the community as a whole. It directly hits the bottom line of someone who often lives, breathes, eats and sleeps in our community. And it also has a multiplier effect, giving a psychological boost to that local business and the staff that work there. All of this pays dividends in the long run as that business owner makes plans for the coming year, whether its to expand their business, hire more staff, or buy more local products.
This year I encourage you to make “shopping small and shopping local” a part of your holiday shopping plans.
Jason “The Chamber Guy”