After more than a decade of service, holiday light strands that run along the tops of downtown historic buildings will be removed by city employees.
“These strands have exceeded their useful life as we have experienced many problems with them in recent years, ” according to information from Jeff Stewart, Gardner parks and recreation director. Those strands will not be replaced.
This year’s bulb replacement and new decorations are the first of a several year project to replace and upgrade existing decorations.
“We will be using the same holiday banners that we’ve used for the past 15 years,” Stewart said, “But will add light enhancements, which we hope to start installing on Thursday, weather permitting. The lights currently on the buildings have been in place for 10-plus years.”
Stewart said there will also be a new display in front of city hall consisting of a large ribbon and bow along with snowflake scrolls. The current light bulbs on top of city hall will be replaced with the more-efficient LED lights.
The costs associated with the new display, banner enhancers and light bulbs is around $13,920. Because this is a new project, it is too early to know how many man hours it will take to complete this project.
The department plans to implement a second phase of holiday enhancements in 2016.