Pause for a minute; give thanks
The Thanksgiving season is quickly approaching, and we have a lot to be grateful about.
We’re grateful for the wonderful country we live in, and the freedoms we enjoy.
Freedom isn’t cheap; it comes with a price, and that price is often paid by our veterans.
We can’t say thank you enough for keeping our country safe and our people free.
Thank you both to the men and women who serve, and also to their families who are left behind, but yet stand at their side.
Generations of families – mothers, brothers, sisters, spouses, children – have provided ongoing support to their loved ones. Sometimes the family is publicly invisible, but they are there on a day to day basis.
Thank you.
Community support of our vets stretches back decades; whether it be working in ammunition plants, rolling bandages, buying war bonds, making poppies, collecting care packages, or more recently honoring veterans with memorial services, escorting funeral processions, providing flags – the support is ongoing and tremendous from veteran organizations.
Thank you.
As we all gather with our family and friends this holiday season – watching football, eating, talking and drinking – take a moment to mentally thank those whose service kept us free.