Kansas law enforcement agencies will conduct seat belt enforcement around elementary and middle schools Sept. 14 through Sept. 18. Officers will issue citations to anyone who does not obey Kansas “Buckle Up” laws.
In 2014, 28 children were killed due to car crashes in Kansas. Half of them were not wearing their seat belts, while eight children were ejected from the vehicle.
“Even one child’s death is unacceptable,” Kansas Department of Transportation Law Enforcement Liaison Dave Corp said. “Please slow down, especially in school zones, eliminate the distractions and always buckle up.”
Law enforcement agencies in Kansas have educated and warned drivers and passengers regarding the importance of using seat belts while in the vehicle. According to the 2015 Kansas Occupant Protection Observational Survey, children are much more likely to be buckled up if the driver is wearing their seat belt. If the driver is buckled, about 95 percent of the children are restrained. However, if the driver is not buckled, only 25 percent of the observed children were buckled.
“We want adults to model good driving behavior for children,” Corp said.
According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, every 34 seconds a child under 13 years old is involved in a crash. During Child Passenger Safety Week, Sept. 12-19, communities around the country are trying to make sure children are riding in the right seat.