The Gardner Edgerton High School 2015 ACT Composite Score of 23.5 once again outperformed the state composite average of 21.9. GEHS’ composite average is the highest scoreUSD 231 history. Gardner Edgerton High School students outpaced the state averages in all areas. GEHS students tested higher average scores in English of 23. The state English average is 21.3. In math, GEHS’ average of 22.6, bested the state average of 21.6. GEHS students also bested state averages in reading and science.
The GEHS average composite ACT score for 2014 was 22.7.
The 2015 ACT results reflect the performance of 179 GEHS seniors, up from 171 last year. The ACT is a curriculum-based achievement test designed to measure college readiness and preparation. The ACT includes four separate exams in English, Reading, Mathematics and Science. Scoring on the exam is based on a scale of 1 to 36 with a student’s composite score being the average of the four test scores.
“The tremendous increase in the ACT composite score this year is due to the diligence and commitment from our staff and students,” said Mark Meyer, GEHS principal. “Our goal at GEHS is to make sure our students are college and career ready. These numbers show we are on the right track in preparing our students for the future.”
Students are encouraged to enroll in College Now, Advanced Placement, and ACT Prep courses which provide additional rigor and better prepare them for ACT testing and college course work. Students may take designated courses, taught by qualified GEHS teachers, and earn both high school and college credit simultaneously, without leaving high school campus.
“The ACT results are extremely valuable because they provide an additional indicator for our district to assess our curriculum with respect to college and career readiness for students,” said Superintendent Pam Stranathan. “Focusing on the classroom to make sure our students are well prepared in all areas to enter college or the workforce is top priority at Gardner Edgerton School District.”
Statewide, Kansas students continue to outperform the nation in all four assessed areas of the 2015 ACT college entrance exam and earned an average composite score of 21.9 compared to the national average score of 21.  For the fifth consecutive year, Kansas has increased the percentage of high school graduates meeting all four ACT college readiness benchmarks.