Competitions add to the excitement at the Kansas State Fair for fairgoers of all ages. From clothing and textiles to foods and fine arts, there’s fun to be had and competitions to enter. This year’s Fair will run Sept. 11-20 in Hutchinson.
Itching to be involved in a competition but have a day job? Don’t fret. Evening contests are now available. “We think evening competitions provide an opportunity for our working community to join in on the fun,” says Susan Sankey, Competitive Exhibits Director. “Regardless of your schedule, you shouldn’t have to miss out on exhibiting at the Kansas State Fair.”

Live competition
Kansas Kids Got Talent
Ever get caught singing in the shower? Now is the time to trade in that showerhead for a real, live mic. Kansas Kids Got Talent is back in action for a second year. Through this competition, kids get the chance to show off their skills to earn prizes and the title Kansas State Fair’s Most Talented Kid. Video auditions will be accepted through August 7. Judges will narrow down to the top 20 in each age group (4 – 11 years old and 12 – 17 years old), who will be invited for live auditions at the Fair.

Clothing and textiles
Fried ‘N Joy Quilt on a Stick
Fairgoers are encouraged to follow the “Fried ‘N Joy” theme this year in creating a quilt on a stick. All quilt squares are 8 inches wide by 9 inches high and allow any construction method, whether by hand or machine quilting. Entries are displayed using a paint stick. Judging for this event will be based on creativity and workmanship.

Quilt Block Contest
Much like the Quilt on a Stick, the Quilt Block Contest follows the theme of “Joy.” Originality and workmanship will be taken into account when judging the quilt blocks. Entrants’ quilt blocks will then be used to create an all-encompassing State Fair quilt, which will be auctioned off at next year’s fair. The 2014 State Fair Quilt will be auctioned off on Saturday, Sept. 19 at 4:00 p.m. at the Bretz & Young Injury Lawyers Arena. Proceeds from this sale will go to the Clothing and Textile Department.
Quilt block packets can be purchased for $3 at the Kansas State Fair.

Fine arts
Fancy Feet
The Fancy Feet competition brings out the heart and “sole” in creativity. Entrants can decorate any type of shoe or boot. Accessorize sandals, flip-flops, cowboy boots, rain boots, snow boots or even tennis shoes. Beyond the three different categories (dress shoe, boot or sports shoe), those who enter have a chance to win the Best of Shoe award. When decorating your entry, be sure to make your shoe suitable for outside display and use.

Lego® Bricks Building Contest
Look out Fairgoers – this on-site contest is towering with fun, strategy and competition for kids and family teams. Held in the Oz Gallery breezeway at the east end of the Fairgrounds on Saturday, Sept. 19, Fairgoers have the chance to compete in building with the fan favorite, Legos®. Contests are broken out in three groups: ages 7-9, 10-12, and family/teams not exceeding three persons to maximize on the building fun. Be sure to register by August 15, as it is required, and is a first come first served basis due to limited space. Enter early and start brainstorming what Lego® structure you’ll construct!

War Time Memorabilia
Help us honor the men and women of the Armed Forces by entering any war time memorabilia that serve as a reminder of the freedom we share as citizens of the United States. While weapons may not be entered, photography, currency, flags, souvenirs, uniforms and equipment can be entered for this display. This contest allows Fairgoers to acknowledge the character and nobility of our service men and women.

Photos are near and dear to our hearts. Who doesn’t love a photo that captures the elegance, timelessness and definition of Kansas? Amateur photography contests have numerous categories. One in particular is the Kansas Fields, excluding wheat fields. Fairgoers can submit photos of the corn, soybeans, hay, or other fields in Kansas.
Not interested in Kansas Fields? No problem, there are plenty of other categories like Twilight Black and White Night photos or Selfies (includes one person in photo).
Fried N’ Joy Bacon
Achin’ to cook a little bacon? Plus, what’s better than the smell of frying baking? Eating it, of course! The only restriction is the bacon must be at the proper temperature (hot or cold) when served to the judge. So go nuts – create the best Fried ‘N Joy inspired bacon you can. Judges receive the bacon Sept. 19 from 9-10 a.m. and judging occurs at 10:30 a.m., in which judges will consider originality, taste and presentation in their review of the bacon.

“Cake Stuff” Wedding Cake Competition
For the love of cake; let your Fried ‘N Joy shine through a delicious design. Applicants create a cake made out of Styrofoam and provide a description for spectators and judges to know the inspiration, materials and methods used in cake design. Decorations must be edible and applicable to a real cake. Get creative: add tiers, stack your designs, branch outside of the box on your finishing touches. Cakes will be critiqued based on neatness, creativity, originality skill, choice of colors and number and difficulty of techniques used.
Sunflower State Surprise
Sunflower seeds are much more than something to sprinkle on a salad. Create your own masterpiece food item with sunflower seeds or another by-product, such as sunflower seed oil, sunflower seed butter or even sunflower seed flour. Surprise the judges with something that’ll knock their socks off. If your item isn’t a whole entry like a loaf of bread (like cookies or muffins), be sure to bring six of your items. Judges receive these goodies on Thursday, Sept. 17 from 9 a.m to 6 p.m. and judging begins at 7 p.m. to name the Sunflower State Surprise winner.