Danedri Thompson
The biggest story rarely told is finally getting a tiny bit of play. It’s getting far less than it should, because the story makes people uncomfortable.
Well, prepare for some discomfort.
The Center for Medical Progress is an organization that reports and monitors medical ethics and advances. CMP is the organization responsible for a series of undercover videos uncovering the harsh realities of what occurs at Planned Parenthood.
I don’t typically debate abortion. It’s emotionally charged and civil discourse is often impossible. In my experience, the most virulent supporters of abortion have had abortions. Statistically, one in three women will have an abortion. In part, that’s because our society has decided to look the other way where abortion is concerned. We talk about “blobs of tissue,” and “products of conception,” as we ignore that when we are talking about abortions, we are talking about humans.
We do a disservice to one another when we don’t speak the truth.
The CMP videos tell the truth. The videos are edited, though full-length, uncut video is available on CMP’s website.
The videos aren’t Hollywood productions in which a writer or producer puts words in the mouths of actors. The things said in those videos, by Planned Parenthood staff members, were actually said. The things they do in the videos occurred, and no one is denying that.
Planned Parenthood officials said what happens in those videos is legal, and officials apologized for the “tone.”
I’m not even going to argue whether Planned Parenthood is selling baby parts for profit. The fact that they have parts at all is the problem, and honestly, I didn’t know how bad it was until I watched those videos.
In the third video released, the final two minutes shows clinic staffers and fake part purchasers sifting through human remains. In a dish, viewers can clearly see tiny hands and fingers, a tiny leg. The staff member points out brain matter and other organs. For what it’s worth, in that room, in that moment in that video, the staffers do not pretend the child lying in pieces in that dish is anything less than human. They refer to it as a baby, and as they sort through parts, a technician finally says triumphantly, “Another boy.”
There’s no denying that child’s humanity. Those words destroyed a small part of my soul. It breaks me that no one mourned that tiny boy. He was a person, who lived in his mother’s womb for 11.5 weeks. Those tiny feet and hands belonged to a boy who was less than one full trimester old. He was a real person with no say in how his life turned out.
Now that we know he’s a human, we should have an honest conversation about abortion. Whether Planned Parenthood is legally selling organs or illegally harvesting body parts is not even relevant to the conversation. That was a baby on that table in that video.
It’s dishonest to pretend otherwise. It’s abhorrent to the women who were sold a pile of lies about pregnancy being nothing more than a blob of tissue or a tumor. It’s a lie to pretend that no one would want or care for that infant if he had been allowed a chance at survival.
It’s a lie to suggest that without Planned Parenthood women would just have back alley abortions. I’m sure that would still occasionally happen, but I can guarantee you it wouldn’t be one in three pregnant women. And let’s not pretend all those abortions happening in legal clinics are safe. See Kermit Gosnell.
It’s a lie to pretend that we have to have abortion until evil Republicans are willing to fund food stamps or insert program here at whatever amount someone thinks is appropriate.
Giving another human the opportunity to live should be our absolute baseline in a civil society. It’s actually disgusting to me to talk economics when we’re talking about sheer existence, but if we must: Two-thirds of my generation is missing. For every human you see my age — I’m a Gen-Xer — there are two people didn’t make it out of the womb alive. They were aborted. The economic consequences are devastating. Gen-X is half the size of Baby Boomers, who didn’t have widespread access to abortion as birth control; and half the size of Millenials. Abortion rates have decreased significantly since the heady days of the late 1970s and 1980s.
Politically, this means Generation X is going to be left holding a very large Social Security bag. We’ll pay in our entire lives to secure the comfort of the Baby Boomers. When the money runs out, we’ll have paid our entire lives never to see a dime of it in our old age. The Millenials will at least have the option of not paying into the system at some point. Social Security is solvent for another generation or two had we allowed those children access to human existence.
This line of discussion makes me sick, but if the pro-abortion side is committed to economics as a means for the continued use of a barbaric process, I’ll go there too.
William Wilberforce was an English politician who committed his life to ending slavery in England.
In 1788 or 1789, Wilborforce presented an abolitionist bill to the house for the first time. He spent more than three hours detailing the horrors of slavery, concluding, “You may choose to look the other way, but you can never again say you did not know.”
Watch CMP’s videos, and then let’s have an honest discussion about abortion.