Lauren Katosh
Club Reporter
Are you looking for a fun family activity to do this summer? Are you looking forward to try something new? Please come and join us at the Johnson County Fairgrounds for family activities for all ages.
The fair takes place at the county fairgrounds from July 27-Aug 1. Local Johnson County 4-H groups play a big part participating in the fair, volunteering to run the fair, and competing in different events.
4-H provides the opportunity for club members to learn new skills like cooking, woodwork, or raising livestock. These are just a few skills that 4-H’ers are able to compete in.
The fair introduces new opportunities for the 4-H member to learn a new skill, practice presenting their project, build self-esteem and confidence.
I interviewed my fellow friend and 4-Her Madison Kreis about the experience of competing at the fair, why she competes, and what she likes about it. Madison said, “ I enjoy it because you can be with family and friends, learn something new each day, and enjoy the fun together.”
Madison has presented at the fair many years in different events and has experience in presenting.
Please come check out the Johnson County Fair and help support our local 4-H’ers who have worked hard at their projects. The projects and presentations are amazing to see, and a day at the fair is a great family day out.