Emily Kresin
Club Reporter
The Pioneer 4-H Club has enjoyed the Johnson County Fair for more than 70 years. Members are looking forward to showcasing their talents in 2015.
First-year Pioneer members Emily and Josh Stove are looking forward to exploring the fair. Emily is entering a pillow, bag and stuffed animal that she sewed in clothing construction.
“I am excited to see all the things that happen at the fair,” Emily said. “I enjoy sewing and seeing it completed,” she says. Josh Stove is entering a keychain in leather craft.
4-H’ers from all over the county will get to show off their skills.
“I wanted to make something I could put in the fair,” Josh said.
Crafts and constructed items won’t be the only things shown by Pioneer Club members during the fair.
As well as having entries in arts and crafts, food and nutrition and plant science, Pioneer member Aniston Cumbie will show her dogs.
“My favorite thing about fair is showing my dog in obedience, showmanship, and agility,” Cumbie said. “It is fun working as a team with my dog and seeing all my hard work pay off.”
Pioneer 4-H’ers Sydney Knapp and Ambria Shawger are looking forward to showcasing some art in the fair. Knapp is also doing a money clip in leathercraft and banana bread in foods.
“I am interested in and enjoy all three areas,” she said. “That’s why I am showcasing them at the fair.”
Hard work is also important.
“My favorite thing about fair is going around looking at all the other projects 4-Her’s have done … because it’s cool to see what other people have worked hard on during this year,” Shawger said.
There’s also an air of excitement at the fair.
“My favorite thing at the fair is talking about my project with the judges,” Knapp said. “It is fun to hear what they say about your project and find out what ribbon you get,” she says.
Friends and family are important to 4-H’ers. Kirsten Stous is entering items in leathercraft, foods, and buymanship.
“I am doing these projects because they are a great way to get involved in 4-H and meet new people and are also fun,” Stous said. “My favorite part of the fair is either walking around the green building with my family and looking at everyone’s projects or the carnival. Both of them I like, because I’m able to spend time with family or with 4-H friends.?”
All in all, the Johnson County Fair is a wonderful experience, whether it’s you’re first or 10th time