More than 28,000 Johnson County residents have received hands-only CPR and Automated External Defibrillator (AED) training in the last year. With 28,212 residents trained in 12 months, Johnson County MED-ACT, one of the partners in the Johnson County Heart Safe community initiative has surpassed a coalition goal of training 25,000 county residents within a year.
The HeartSafe Schools program trained 5,604 students during the 2014-2015 school year. Other trainings were provided throughout the year to individuals and groups from the business and civic community as well as religious organizations.
“Johnson County government made hands-only CPR and AED employee training a priority over the past 12 months,” said Ted McFarlane, chief of Johnson County MED-ACT. “In June 2014, our board of county commissioners received training on this life-saving skill, and since then, 90 percent of our 3,800-employee workforce has received hands-only CPR training or is CPR-certified.”
The following organizations make up the Johnson County HeartSafe community initiative:
* Johnson County MED-ACT
* Johnson County fire departments
* Johnson County area hospitals
* EMS System Medical Director-Dr. Ryan Jacobsen
* Johnson County Corrections Department
* Johnson County Emergency Communications Center
* Johnson County Community College (Emergency Medical Sciences)
CPR and AED training is still available. For more information, please call Aimee Eickmann at (913)715-1981 or visit the website at