Danedri Thompson
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Gardner police officers are reminding residents to keep valuables out of sight in parked cars.
The Gardner Police Department’s Facebook page warned that police have investigated several auto burglaries recently in which a window was broken in order to access purses left in plain sight in parked vehicles.
“Most of these incidents occurred in parking lots during the middle of the day,” the post reads. “These crimes are unique as usually auto burglaries only occur with unlocked vehicles.”
Gardner Police Sgt. Kurt Hollingshead said Gardner police have investigated a total of six auto burglaries over the last three months.
“It’s not like it’s a big rash of it,” he said. “But here lately, we’ve had somebody actually breaking windows and taking things in plain view.”
Hollingshead said typically when people report auto burglaries, thieves have taken things out of unlocked cars. Recent cases have been slightly different. Thieves have busted the windows of cars parked in public lots in broad daylight.
“This new person, they have no qualms about busting a window,” Hollingshead said. “The best advice would be don’t leave anything in plain view that can be seen.”
Reports of burglaries from cars typically increase in warmer months and during the busy holiday shopping season.
Recent thefts have occurred in public lots, but Hollingshead said people should keep their car doors locked even when parked in residential driveways.
“The same advice still stands,” he said. “Always, always lock your doors, and I wouln’t leave anything of value in plain view.”
That can include things like detachable global positioning systems (GPS).
In the middle of the night, we find dome lights on in cars and GPSes glowing,” he said. “We’ll see a GPS on, glowing, and the car is unlocked. I would always tell people to lock their doors always.”