The City of Gardner Police Department recently implemented an online crime map for public use.
The crime map allows citizens to see if criminal activity has occurred in their neighborhood. It also reveals the type of criminal activity and the time the crime happened in their area. Residents can simply access the map through the City of Gardner’s website at Once there, individuals can click on “filters” to customize their search.
“Gardner is a very safe community; however, we are not 100 percent crime free,” said -James Pruetting, Gardner police chief. “This is just another safety measure we’ve employed to help keep our citizens informed about their surroundings, and it also reminds them to remain vigilant — even in Gardner.”
The police department also introduced two new online notification forms citizens can complete to report unlawful behavior — a traffic complaint form and a suspected narcotic activity form.
“Police officers can’t be at all places at all times, but with these new online resources in place, we can all play a role in keeping Gardner safe.”