Town was buzzing this week with what makes Gardner special.
Cities reflect the personalities of those who reside there; and despite this weekend’s gloomy weather, Gardner’s best face was shining.
Streets were filled with smiling faces, and driveways were lined with second-hand treasures for the citywide garage sale.
Negotiations were made and deals were struck. Area volunteers collected the cast-offs for donations.
The community’s student-future celebrated at prom over the weekend.
Numerous school events kept students and parents hopping.
The Masons hosted their annual breakfast in hopes of raising scholarship funding. The community garden sold vegetables and the Lions Club sold plants, also hoping to raise funds to better the community.
Those are some of the highlighted events; but by no means all.
All over town neighbors came out of their homes, turned off their televisions and shut down the internet.
New friendships were struck or old ones rekindled. Pleasantries were exchanged over coffee.
Meals were cooked and taken to those in need.
None of this was required by city ordinance, school policy, state statute or federal mandate; it was done by individuals for the betterment of the community.
That’s what a community is – family.
And just like family, area residents sometimes bicker, sometimes disagree, but through thick and thin, they pull together.
That’s what makes Gardner special – heart.
And if you want to know how to spell heart, it’s G-A-R-D-N-E-R.