The public is invited to take a trip out to the Lanesfield Historic Site, 18745 S. Dillie Road in Edgerton, for the annual May Day celebration.
Event details:
Saturday May 2, 2015
Time:              1 p.m. to  4 p.m.
Address:        Lanesfield Historic Site (18745 S. Dillie Road, Edgerton, KS)
Description:   May Day at Lanesfield School re-creates a typical May Day celebration in a rural community at the beginning of the 20th Century. Visitors can dance around the Maypole, make a May Day basket and fill it with fresh flowers, enjoy refreshments, and listen to traditional Celtic music played by Marianne Carter.
Cost:               Free
Background information on May Day
Traditional celebrations of May Day were revived in the United States beginning in the mid-19th century, and the holiday was especially popular among schoolchildren. Many schoolhouses in Johnson County celebrated May Day by dancing around the May Day Pole and making May Day baskets. Baskets were constructed of colored papers, filled with candies and flowers, and given to older adults, mothers and those who were ill. Children gave these baskets away in secret by knocking on a door and running before someone answered. Children attending rural schools also decorated the classroom with garlands, fresh flowers, and paper chains.
 Spring celebrations date both to Roman and Druid times. When the Roman Empire occupied England, they brought many of their cultures and traditions. The English began “bringing in the May” by collecting branches of greenery and flowers in the early morning hours.  Each village selected a tree and stripped of its branches, and it served as the Maypole, with ribbons tied to the top and dancers weaving the ribbons around the tree. Numerous other European countries celebrated the holiday as well, in their own festivals.
About Lanesfield Historic Site
Lanesfield School is the oldest surviving one-room schoolhouse in Johnson County. The stone structure was built in 1869 and closed its doors in 1963. The schoolhouse endured a fire in 1903 and is currently restored to its 1904 appearance. Tours tell the story of the school’s past and what it was like to be a Lanesfield student. During the day, visitors can also tour the schoolhouse to experience of taste of life in a one-room school house in early 20th century Kansas.  Slate pencils and slate, pen and ink, and lessons at the chalkboard are all routine activities of the time.
Lanesfield Historic Site is located at 18745 S. Dillie Road in Edgerton, Kansas, and is open for public tours on Fridays and Saturdays, 1:00 to 5:00 p.m. Tours by appointment are available during other days by calling 913-715-2550. More information can also be found on the Johnson County Museum’s website at