Fourteen GEHS students recently participated in the H&R Block Budget Challenge. This activity is a simulation that involves managing money as if the students were recent college graduates. A total of 115 students participated in the annual event. The GEHS team finished with outstanding results and took 5th place overall. This placement awarded a $5,000 grant to the school. In addition, Freshman Emily Moore was named a recipient of a $20,000 college scholarship for her 16th place ranking. The following students participated in the Challenge: Caenah Coffman, Hailey Drawbaugh, Kieren Griggs, Ricky Godsil, Jack Guzan, Davey Kiker, Abbie Lane, Alexia Maier, Emily Moore, Natalie Mullin, Joe O’Connor, Dylan Schneider, Benjamin Wyss, and Alexa Wilden.