Spring Hill Elementary School (SHES) students participated in an innovative way to learn about the importance of good nutrition and physical fitness. The Body Venture exhibit, which featured Spring Hill High School students as instructors, was a fun adventure for students in kindergarten through the fifth grade.
The tour began when students, in groups of eight to ten, enter the school lunchroom and become a food, such as a carrot, low-fat milk, or a piece of chicken.  In the second station, they walked through a giant ear into the brain. Inside the huge brain dome, students experienced “brain waves” and learned about brain function.  The “foods” then stepped into the exhibit’s larger than life mouth and were “swallowed” through the esophagus tunnel and moved into the stomach dome.  From the stomach, the students traveled through the small intestine where they were “absorbed” into the blood.  Then they followed the path of nutrients to the heart, lungs, bones, muscles and skin stations.
Students left the body through a cut in the skin and proceeded through Power Panther’s pathway to Life.  This final station recapped key health concepts from each of the 10 previous stations.  Throughout the exhibit, students learned how to apply Power Panther’s slogan, “Eat Smart, Play Hard.”
At each of the Body Venture’s 11 stations, a team of SHHS students engaged the students in a five-minute activity focused on healthy choices. The high school students are members of the Teaching as a Career course, which gives them the opportunity to explore the career field, learning instructional strategies and engage with students.
This traveling exhibit was developed and is operated by Child Nutrition and Wellness, Kansas State Department of Education.  This exhibit was developed to address increasing national concerns about the lack of physical activity and the declining nutritional status of young children.