Updated numbers released earlier this month by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) confirm strong private sector job growth in Kansas.
These most-current numbers are revised and benchmarked for calendar year 2014 and show Kansas second in the region for private sector job growth, trailing only Colorado.
“Private sector jobs help grow our economy, providing employment for Kansans and contributing to the quality of life in their communities,” said Governor Brownback. “These corrected numbers show that our tax policy is working, bringing jobs and people to Kansas. We also see this confirmed in the record number of new business filings for the past year.”
The initial estimates for private sector job growth in Missouri, Nebraska and Oklahoma were overestimated for most of 2014, while Kansas job growth was underestimated. The benchmarked figures, shown in the chart above, correct this showing Kansas with private sector job growth at 1.9 percent compared to 1.2 percent for Missouri, 1.4 percent for Nebraska and 1.5 percent for Oklahoma.
The report included other good economic news for Kansas including:
• Private hourly wage growth in Kansas grew by 3 percent, leading the region. Wage growth in Missouri was 0.6 percent.
• Despite original estimates throughout the year that showed growth on the Missouri side of Kansas City exceeding the Kansas side, the benchmarked numbers confirm that private sector jobs in the KCK area grew by 3 percent while the KCMO side grew at only 1.7 percent.
• Hourly wages on the KCK side showed private hourly wages that are $3.33 more than in Kansas City, Mo.