An advisory committee has begun the process of developing criteria to be used in evaluating potential Kansas sites for a transload shipping center.
The Transload Facility Site Analysis Advisory Committee had its initial meeting last week with national consultant HDR Inc., which has been hired to conduct a study and develop site selection criteria.
Transloading is the process of moving goods from one mode of transportation to another, or in this case, from truck to rail and rail to truck. By blending the benefits of shipping by rail and local/short haul trucking, a transload facility can provide more flexible and cost-effective solutions for customers who may not have local access to freight rail service or those who need expanded warehousing.
“The need for transloading facilities was identified by the state’s Freight Advisory Committee in August,” said Kansas Transportation Secretary Mike King. “Transportation typically makes up 15 percent of product cost so anything we can do to lower that is important to Kansas farmers, manufacturers and the state economy.”
The HDR study is expected to be completed later this year.