Kansas sent out $22 million more in tax refunds in January compared to the year prior, pulling income tax receipts down.
Tax receipts for January were $47.2 million below expectations for the month.
Sales and use tax also contributed to the shortfall with weaker than expected returns from the Christmas season, possibly because of a shift to online shopping where sales tax is frequently not collected.  Sales tax receipts were $8 million less than estimates while use tax receipts were $2 million less.
For the fiscal year through December, the taxes had grown more than 4 percent, for the month of January tax receipts grew only 1.8 percent compared to the prior year.
“We are glad that Kansas taxpayers are getting their refund checks earlier than last year, unfortunately that negatively affects our tax receipts for this month,” said Secretary of Revenue Nick Jordan.
During January 2014, the Department of Revenue had issued $7.9 million in refund checks to 12,601 people. For the first month of 2015, the department has issued $30 million in refund checks to 64,601 people.