Deanthony Wiley, 19, Londro Patterson III, 20, and Jon Bieker suffered multiple gunshot wounds, when they allegedly attempted to rob She’s A Pistol, a gun store in Shawnee, in early January.
Court documents, released on Jan. 26, reveal some of the details of the failed robbery attempt that killed Jon, the store’s co-owner.
Becky Bieker, Gardner, was in front of the store showing a man a gun, when Wiley entered the gun store Becky co-owns on Jan. 9.
According to court documents released on Jan. 26, Wiley entered She’s A Pistol gun store shortly after 2 p.m. on Jan. 9. Minutes later, Patterson, Nicquan K. Midgyett, 19, and Hakeem W. Malik, 18, entered the store. Wiley and Patterson pulled out handguns and Becky raised her arms. Midgyett jumped on the counter and knocked Becky to the floor.
The court documents describe surveillance video of the failedattempt that cost Jon Bieker, Becky’s husband, his life.
After Becky was knocked to the floor, Jon came out of a backroom firing. Jon was shot in the ensuing gun battle, and three of the four suspects were injured.
One was injured badly enough that he wasonly able to crawl to the parking lot. Three other suspects attempted to flee.
According to the documents, Jon came from behind the counter to confront Wiley. Court documents say the video shows Jon, who appeared to be shot in the leg and dropping to the floor, while continuing to fire his weapon.