Kansas patients and parents testified before the Health and Public Welfare Committee.
The patients asked lawmakers to support Senate Bill 9, SB 9.
Sponsored by Sen. David Haley, D-Kansas City, Kan., The Cannabis Compassionate Care Act would legalize medical marijuana.
“We had a chance to visit with several lawmakers when we were here last week,” said Chris Bay, parent to three-year-old Autumn, who has Sodium-Channelopathy and suffers from prolonged febrile seizures.
Bay said there is a need to educate lawmakers about the unique way Cannabinoids work with the body’s Endocannabinoid System.
“Then (lawmakers) can understand how and why this medication is a safer and non-toxic choice for patients,” Bay said. “It doesn’t work on the brainstem like the rescue medicine Autumn currently uses to stop her seizures.”
Autumn uses powerful opiates to treat her seizures, currently. Bay said the opiates regularly cause the three-year-olds heart to stop.
“These meds are destroying her organs,” he said. “We want the committee to give all our patients a chance for the hope and healing so many other patients are getting in states where doctors can recommend this medicine.”
Bay is an advocate for Bleeding Kansas, an organization that lobbies for patients’ rights. The group presented legislators with “the tip of the iceberg of research available.”
If we brought all the research, we would need a truck and a week-long hearing,” Bay said.
Bay also presented a letter from Autumn’s doctor saying that she would like to have the legal option to recommend cannabis for Autumn.