Niche, a website that offers rankings and statistics on every neighborhood and city in the U.S., ranks Edgerton Elementary among the top elementary schools in Kansas and in the USD 231 School District.
There are more than 563 elementary schools in Kansas, and Edgerton Elementary ranks 31st, according to Niche’s research. The site ranks Nike Elementary, at 95th, as the lowest ranked elementary school in the Gardner Edgerton School District. Grand Star Elementary School was not ranked.
In addition to ranking the schools, Niche gave each elementary school a grade. All USD 231 elementary schools earned As or A-minuses.
Gardner, Edgerton and Sunflower Elementaries received As. Gardner was ranked 45th in Kansas, and Sunflower was ranked 50th. Madison, Moonlight and Nike Elementaries received A-minuses. Madison was ranked 71st, Moonlight was ranked 84th, and Nike ranked 95th.
Niche ranked 40,403 elementary schools in all 50 states based on key student statistics and 4.6 million opinions from students and parents.
“A high ranking indicates that the school is an exceptional academic institution with a diverse set of high-achieving students and faculty, and the students are very happy with their experiences,” the site reads.