Food is cultural. So is the way of life that produces it.
Women increasingly represent central roles in the agricultural heritage that builds and sustains communities throughout the world. According to the 2012 Census of Agriculture, women are the principal operators of 6,783 farms in Kansas, and there are 25,611 total women farm operators in the state. A principal operator is termed as the person in charge of the day-to-day decisions for the farm or ranch.
Experience a conference designed for women with a vested interest in a farm or ranch operation, whether they are owners, partners or beginners just starting in agriculture. Women Managing the Farm focuses on the active roles women play in all aspects of financial and risk management while also addressing the unique dynamics of the agricultural operation and the household. Topics include: production, management, finances, legal, relationships and health.
The 2016 Women Managing the Farm Conference takes place Feb. 4-5 in Manhattan. This year’s theme is Her AgriCULTURE Story: Wisdom, Stewardship, Heritage, with keynote speakers Bonnie Lynn-Sherow, associate professor of history, Kansas State University, Amy H. Gales, executive vice president, CoBank, Mykel Taylor, ag economist, Kansas State University and Mary Lee Chin, dietitian.
Sessions are designed to keep women informed of the latest advancements in the farming community, and networking sessions are tailored to agricultural partners, independent producers, helpers, absentee landowners, industry career women, business managers and women with family in the military.
Pre-conference workshops will also be offered on February 3 and will focus on “Harnessing the Power of Excel,” “Amazing Grazing III: How to Handle Cattle…Without Getting Handled” and “Growing Grain Knowledge: Safety from Farm to Plate.” Women Managing the Farm conference information, registration and scholarship applications are available at or by calling 785-532-5569.