A large number of Gardner Edgerton High School Band, Choir and Orchestra members outperformed more than 1,000 at the Northeast Kansas Music Educators Association auditions and deserving, were selected for NEKMEA District level honors.

District Band Results
Ethan Archer – trombone
Theron Dake – percussion; Joey Quigley – percussion alternate, timpani alternate ; Megan Wetherington – bassoon alternate

District Orchestra Results
Tiffani Richards – violin; Bethany Schultz – cello; Alexa Wilden – violin

District Choir Results
Ryan Billups – Tenor; Guy Cauthon Alto; Ali Haag -Alto; Amy Hurd -Alto; Connor Johnston – Baritone; Abbie Lane – Soprano; Cooper McGuire – Baritone; Trevor Thoelke – Baritone

Selection to the John Philip Sousa Honor Band
The following students submitted a recorded audition in October to the John Philip Sousa Honor Band competition. Students in grades 6 through 9 are eligible to submit recordings and more than 500 recordings were submitted this year. The four young GEHS talented musicians received the honor to perform in a concert at the Lied Center on the University of Kansas campus on Jan. 24as members of the 2015 Kansas John Philip Sousa Honor Band include:
Tommy Fabing, percussion –Gardner Edgerton High School
Nate Sawchack, trumpet – Pioneer Ridge Middle School
Titus Kolars, trombone – Trail Ridge Middle School
Josh Lopeman, percussion – Wheatridge Middle School