Citizens curious about who funded Kansas Legislature political candidates and how the candidates spent their campaign funds can visit the Kansas Ethics Commission’s website. Final reports are not due until the end of the year, but the most recent campaign finance reports, due in late October, can be viewed on the site. Below are direct links to specific local candidates:
State Senate District 37:
Molly Baumgardner  had a campaign war chest of more than $20,000. She did not have an opponent in the general election. She faced Charlotte O’Hara in an August primary. This was a special election for the remainder of Pat Apple’s term.
State House District 38:
Willie Dove had more than $11,000 available for his campaign against Jan Pringle. Pringle’s campaign funding was significantly less than Dove’s. She reported having $1,725 available.
State House District 43:
Bill Sutton reported having $14,000 on hand for campaign funding. He faced Caitlin Trujillo, who reported having $2,565 available.
Campaign finance report from statewide office seekers can be viewed here.