Danedri Thompson
Bettis Asphalt and Construction has withdrawn a request for a conditional-use permit to build and operate a temporary plant at the rock quarry near Edgerton.
Johnson County Commission Chair Ed Eilert told a small crowd that the withdrawn request should signal the end of the asphalt plant controversy.
However, Bettis officials could re-file a permit request at any time. Had the county commission denied the permit, Bettis officials would have had to wait a full year before requesting permission to build and operate a concrete and asphalt plant at the rock quarry near Edgerton.
City administrator Beth Linn said city officials have not heard whether the company intends to try a second time for a permit.
“If they file an application, they have to go back through the entire process,” Linn said.
Edgerton residents have been battling the proposed asphalt plant for several months – first giving voice to their concerns that the plant would be detrimental to Edgerton at a Southwest Johnson County Consolidated Zoning Board meeting. The zoning board recommended approval of the permit, however county commissioners kicked the recommendation back to the zoning board for further consideration.
At a second meeting, zoning board members again recommended that the county commission approve a five-year conditional-use permit for the construction and operation of a concrete and asphalt plant just beyond Edgerton city limits.
When county commissioners debated the request a second time, the city of Edgerton offered formal approval of the permit. Bettis officials made concessions that made the concrete and asphalt plant more palatable to the Edgerton City Council. However, county commissioners tabled the permit approval pending a meeting between Edgerton residents and Bettis officials.
That meeting occurred on Oct. 15, and county commissioners were set to consider the company’s permit request during an Oct. 23 commission meeting.
Prior to the meeting, Bettis withdrew the request.
Should the company make a similar permit request in the future, officials will be required to start at the very beginning of the process – going through the Southwest Johnson County Consolidated Zoning Board and the county commission.
“I don’t know what their plans are at this point,” Linn said. “We would be notified if (Bettis) filed a new application.”