It’s said every few years, and it’s usually true. However, this year more than ever may truly be one of the most important elections in American history.
The United States is in a new and different sort of war – not against a foreign state – but against a global band of terrorists set on destroying America and her culture.
We also face rising threats from nation states like Iran, a rogue country determined to wield nuclear power. And there’s Russia, a self-proclaimed democracy that invaded the sovereign neighboring nation of Ukraine.
Domestically, the state of the dollar is in marked decline, which only exaggerates our growing energy concerns.
Oil, a global commodity, costs U.S. residents more when the dollar is weak. Although the cost of petrol is down compared to a few months ago, it’s astronomical when compared to a few years ago.
In the meantime, a deadly virus is wiping out thousands in west Africa, and frighteningly at least one victim of Ebola has made his way to America’s shores.
Even locally, the November ballot will be brimming with questions and candidates that will shape the long-term future of our communities.
Kansas voters will be asked about changing the state constitution to legally allow non-profit organizations to use raffles in support of charitable causes.
In individual races from the U.S. Senate to the Governorship down to the county commission chair, the choices have rarely, if ever, been starker.
The November election is less than three weeks away, and advanced voting has already started. There’s still ample time for local voters to get educated on the issues and on the politicians. Almost every candidate for every office has a Web site as do most groups supporting and opposing ballot questions. The country, the county and our communities deserve an informed electorate.
Local voters should use these remaining weeks to become one.