Law enforcement officers are seeking a box trailer that was stolen near the Interstate 35 interchange at Homestead Lane. The white trailer has Minnesota plates and a license plate number CAT9636. “PCI” was printed on its side.
According to detective Brett Wilson of the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office, the theft occurred between 7 p.m. and 10 p.m. on Oct. 3.
The trailer was filled with construction equipment and tools.
“There’s lots of concrete-handling tools to make roads level and straight,” Wilson said.
The trailer and tools are valued at more than $10,000.
The trailer is the second theft this year of construction-related supplies near the intermodal. Last spring, thieves absconded more than $28,000 in grass and wildflower seeds. The seeds were to be among the finishing touches to complete the Homestead Lane interchange project. The seeds were eventually recovered near Hillsdale Lake.
In addition to the construction-related materials, thieves also stole a tractor-trailer from the intermodal in August. The truck was eventually recovered at the Gardner Walmart.
“Thefts like this – it’s not a crime spree,” Wilson said.
BNSF fields its own security and police officers, and the area is patrolled by other law enforcement agencies, including the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office, as well.
“We have officers assigned to Edgerton. We have officers assigned to the district over there, and you have the highway patrol up and down the highway,” Wilson said.