The Johnson County Household Hazardous Materials Collection Program will once again be collecting electronic waste for recycling in addition to household hazardous waste (HHW) from 8 a.m. to 11:30 a.m on Oct. 11. This event will mark the last of the 2014 electronic collection events.
Residents can dispose of household hazardous chemicals year round, by appointment only.
Residents of Johnson County who wish to participate must make an appointment to drop off their electronic waste and hazardous waste materials for recycling, and may do so by calling (913)715-6907. Officials collected nearly 10,000 pounds of electronics for recycling at a similar event last month. In addition, approximately 500 gallons of latex paint was recycled and returned to the community.
Accepted electronic items are any electronic devices that have a cord or batteries including cameras, CD players, cell phones, all computer equipment, faxes, printers, video games, small kitchen appliances and more. All items are recycled for free, except tube televisions and wooden console televisions. Both will be accepted for a fee. Only cash and checks are accepted. More information can be found on MRC Recycling website at
Electronics including TVs, computers, cell phones, and many other items contain usable materials such as plastics and metals. They also contain several chemicals that should be kept out of a landfill. So before tossing that old cell phone or computer, printer or TV; consider recycling it.
The HHW facility is open year round and accepts appointments for household hazardous waste throughout the week. Electronic waste is only accepted during the special collection event. For more information call (913)715-6907 or go online at