Spring Hill High School students now have the opportunity to dream, design and make projects a reality by using the school’s new 3-D printer. The printer was purchased through a Carl Perkins Federal Grant for Career and Technical Education equipment purchases. High school staff collaborated with the district’s technology department to identify the best printer to purchase. The one selected can produce objects that are up to 12-inches long, 12-inches wide and 18-inches high.
The equipment will allow students to hone their career and technical skills, while spurring creativity and collaboration. The printer will be used for any projects within the high school’s 14 career pathways, including cross-curricular projects that students in different courses work together to produce (e.g., classes like graphic design and emerging technologies). The printer is housed in Matt Lewis’ classroom, as he is the instructor for both robotics and emerging technologies. His students have already been designing and preparing projects that utilize the new 3-D printer.
“We are looking forward to the student collaboration and technical skills enhancement that are spurred by having access to this equipment,” said Clay Frigon, SHHS Career and Technical Education coordinator. “In addition, students will have the opportunity to design projects that can be showcased or even sold in the school store.”