Debbie Hickman
Special to The Gardner News
Even though the Aug. 28 Edgerton City Council agenda contained matters of annexation, adoption of the Uniform Public Offense Code and Standard Traffic Ordinance and the rezoning of 286 acres, it was the consideration of renewal of the residential trash service that drew the most time and discussion from council members and residents in attendance.
It was apparent that holding the residential unit price of $13.66 per month for another two years, commencing Jan. 1, 2015 was not enticing enough for council to approve the renewal and amendment agreement with Deffenbaugh Industries, Inc.
Beth Linn, City Administrator, explained to council that lack of communication from Deffenbaugh and their decision to begin trash service at 6 a.m. on the most recent pick-up day, resulted in 89 out of approximately 650 residents being missed. Linn told council that trash pick up days make for a hectic day for staff, as they receive and track the calls for all missed pick-ups. Linn estimated that they receive on the average of 25 missed pick-up calls a week. Residents in attendance voiced their displeasure with repetitive service issues. The Deffenbaugh representative attending was unable to provide answers about possible Saturday pick-ups, a better response plan for missed pick-ups or a new designated trash day earlier in the week.
The contract for residential trash service is between the city of Edgerton and Deffenbaugh Industries, Inc.  The city pays half of the cost to the residents.  The residents’ half appears on the same city billing as water and sewer.
By unanimous vote, the council rejected approval of renewing the Deffenbaugh agreement and instructed staff to put residential solid waste removal out for bid.  The current service agreement is in place until Dec. 31.
The next Edgerton city council meeting will be at 7 p.m. on Sept. 11 at city hall.  Immediately following the meeting, a council work session will be held to discuss sidewalk maintenance and snow removal.