Fair volunteers have done it again.
While fair goers enjoyed the sights and sounds of the annual Johnson County Fair, volunteers work tirelessly year round to make it possible.
It’s a process so well-oiled, the fair almost seems to function on its own.
Yet year round, fair board members meet, prepare and plan.
The fair grounds are kept in repair, schedules set and events planned.
By the time fair week arrives, it’s as if by magic a carnival and food stands appear, and the buildings fill with livestock and 4-H entries.
The rides are ready. The buildings are slowly filling up with the fur and feathers of 4-H animals. The arena is spiffed up and ready for ropers and wranglers to take center stage all throughout the week.
Most attendees are focused on the sounds of laughter and aroma of funnel cakes and fail to notice the purposeful work of volunteers who, with a smile and nod, take tickets, judge entries or clean the grounds.
Fair board members and volunteers rarely seek acknowledgement.
They don’t seek the spotlight or beg for a pat on the back.
They just do the job, and they do it well.
This year’s fair is – once again – something to crow about.
Thanks to all those who worked to make it possible.