Keen Knittel
Club reporter
The Sharon 4-H Club began the year by installing new officers for 2013 – 2014:  Mallory Meek as President, Michael Dowd as Vice-President, Brenden Meek as Secretary, and Emma Knappenberger as Treasurer.  At the next meeting, Parliamentarian, Bret Knappenberger, led an enjoyable activity on how to make a motion.  He asked club members to use proper procedures and motions to build a yummy snack mix.  In the fall, club members hosted an Applebee’s Fundraiser by serving pancake breakfasts and successfully rose over $700.00 including tips and donations. At the December meeting everyone enjoyed a gift card exchange while listening to holiday tunes.  Lizzie Wade and Matthew Boehm participated in the Food Fare with some creative Chinese cooking.  Matthew also demonstrated his Tae Kwon Do skills in his “Just Kick It” program talk at Club Days.  Program talks this spring have also included a slide show and narration of her mission trip to India by Lizzie Wade; how to care for swine and the ear notching system used for identification by Brenden and Mallory Meek; and examples of rocks and fossils found on a rock hunting trip for use in their geology project by Aidan, Luke, and Jackson Torrez.
Sharon 4-H members toured Strawberry Hill Bakery in Merriam, KS and got to see how to make Povitica bread on June 23.  When members entered they got to try samples of the more than 14 flavors of Povitica. It was very interesting seeing all the bakers spread the filling and roll the bread to fill all the racks for baking. The Education Committee planned a yummy way to start the morning.
The club members then went to Antioch Park to go on an exciting scavenger hunt and have lunch. Sharon club members skipped rocks, took pictures of wild animals, and got to get tangled up in a jungle gym spider web while completing the activities in the scavenger hunt. Sharon 4-H members in attendance were Lainy Angelo, Ben Beckwith, Matthew Boehm, Emily Dowd, Michael Dowd, Keen Knittel, Kael Knittel, Brenden Meek, Mallory Meek, Carter Meek, Clayton Meek, Kairi Quinn, Shannon Stone, Kayla Trenary, Ashley Trenary, Aidan Torrez, Luke Torrez, and Jackson Torrez. There were 18 members and 6 parents to enjoy the comfortable summer day at the park.
Next on the calendar is the Exchange Meeting followed by swimming at the Gardner Aquatic Center.  It is a busy summer getting projects ready for the Johnson County Fair.  If you are interested in joining 4-H, the club meets on the second Monday of each month at the Spring Hill Civic Center at 7 p.m.