Danedri Thompson
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Harry Briggs knew there was something missing in the golf training world, and five years into an eight-year career at Sycamore Ridge Golf Club, he knew what it was – a ball that would help improve a golfer’s stance, focus and accuracy.
“I realized I had seen every golf training out there, but I noticed there wasn’t anything very effective on a golf ball,” Briggs said.
The Spring Hill High School graduate has a patent pending on a ball he designed to help golfer’s improve their game.
The ball has several sights that golfers line up. Golfers direct one sight in the direction they want the ball to go. Golfers line their feet up with another sight to perfect their stance.
“It’s basically six sites on it, or six targets. Each site serves a purpose,” he said.
Barbara Briggs, Harry’s mom, said he worked on the ball for years.
“He started noticing that golfers were always putting marks on balls to kind of see where they hit it,” Barbara said. “That’s kind of how it developed. Since he was about 16, he’s been working on this.”
Briggs began tinkering with the idea while he was in high school, but he really perfected the ball while attending Washburn University.
Briggs’ original design featured one target that covered the entire ball. He worked with golf pros and had assistance from the Washburn University Student Business Development Center to perfect it.
He admits that he’s not a great golfer, but said the sightball has helped improve his game.
“I never inherited that golf gene,” he said. “But I’ve been able to aim a lot better and keep  my focus so I can hit the ball. It’s helped me a lot.”
Briggs will graduate from Washburn with a degree in health administration in December. He likes his major, but he’d rather work full-time as an inventor.
“Right now, I’m hoping that this sightball takes off, and I can invent more golf products,” Briggs said. “I’m already starting to develop some other products.”
The patent for his golf ball is pending. For more information about the product, visit www.sightball.com.