Elm Street north of Main Street will be closed in downtown Gardner for two days for the Festival on the Trails.
Organizers will set up a main stage directly behind city hall for the event, and Shawnee Street will be the site of booths and other entertainment options during the festival.
Beginning on the evening of Thursday, June 13, Elm Street north of Main Street will be closed. The alley behind city hall also will not be accessible. Shawnee and Washington Streets will be partially closed starting the evening of Friday, June 14.
City officials are requesting that all vehicles on Elm Street from Main to Shawnee Street be removed no later than 8 a.m. on June 13. Cars parked in front of the parks and recreation building and on the street on the southeast corner of Shawnee and Elm should also be removed by June 13. Areas where cars need to be removed will be marked with signs that say, “Closed Friday 5:30.”
The streets and parking will re-open following festival clean-up.