Sgt. James Belcher will serve as acting captain of the Gardner Police Department, after chief Gerald Cullumber’s June 2 resignation.
Belcher has been a sergeant since 2000 and has been an active part of the police department’s leadership. He joined the police department in 1998 and has served in the patrol division for the past 16 years.
“The police department’s management team includes over 80 years of combined experience,” city administrator Cheryl Harrison-Lee said in a press release.  “I have every confidence that the police department will continue to provide excellent police services to our community during this time of transition.”
Since 2002, Belcher has served as the training sergeant and is the direct supervisor for the department’s field training program. The sergeant also boasts a bronze award for valor from the Kansas City Metro Chiefs and Sheriffs Association for his level of professionalism and commitment above and beyond the normal call of service.
City staff has also reached out to regional law enforcement agencies and have assurance that they will continue to support the City of Gardner’s law enforcement efforts.
According to a city-issued press release, details for the recruitment procedure for a new chief will be forthcoming.