QUESTION: Several police motorcycles rode through town in formation on Wednesday, May 7. What was that about?

ANSWER: According to Gardner Police Chief Gerry Cullumber, it was a training event. Gardner does not have motorcycle officers, however such officers from other organizations including the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office train all over the Kansas City metropolitan area.
Last week, motorcycle officers were training for escort duties.
“What they do is get out and practice their escort,” Cullumber explained. “They do leap-frogging where a scooter will break off from the back and go to the front. They practice that so it looks very professional.”
Police escorts are used for presidential motorcades, funerals for noted politicians and ex-police chiefs, and line-of-duty deaths.
Officers may be asked to do several escorts if Kansas City, Missouri, lands the 2016 Republican National Convention. The GOP has narrowed its convention search and KCMO continues to be considered for a host city.
Cullumber said the KCMO department has already reached out to area departments, including Gardner, to see if local officers will support that effort, if Kansas City, Missouri, is successful in its bid.
Though Gardner won’t supply motorcycle officers, Cullumber said the department has already agreed to assist.